Memoirs Of A Searching Lagos Lady 13

Lagos Searching Lady

“Baby, you look so far away from here, what is going on? Are you still thinking about what happened to you? I promise I will make it up to you…..”. “No, Daniel, I’m not thinking about what happened to me. There’s something else on my mind.” He pulled my hand towards himself and gently squeezed …

My Mom and I

mom and i

“Unu a si no udi nwa gini ka m muru ihe a (What kind of child is this that I have)? This Lagos you live in has become a curse to you. Eekwa, this is the second time I am hearing that you are dating a Yoruba boy. Ndi Igbo agwugwo na Lagos? I ga …

His Dilemma-Where Will He Go From Here?

Dilemma christmas

I have always loved this lady so much. She is so beautiful and fair to look upon and sincerely, in the whole of the city, she is the only lady that have ever caught my eye. My parents and siblings also love her and we have dated for almost 6 years now. We made a …

How To Have A Smashing 2017

how to have a smashing 2017

  Let me start by saying that 1st January, 2017 was no different from 31st December, 2016 only that the former was a Sunday and the later a Saturday. They both had same 24 hours and the sun rose and set at about the same time. There was harmattan on both days (for my fellow …


  It starts on the 31st of December every year. Where I grew up, you will have people who have not swept under their beds in a whole year choose to do it that day. The compound where I grew up, that is the day we will wash the whole compound because “NEPA will give …

Memoirs of A Lagos Searching Lady 12

Osadebe Ijeoma Searching lady

Silence. “Dami, are you there?” I was either in a shock or was too angry that my voice disappeared. I opened my mouth but no words came out. “Hello Dami, can you hear me?” “Yes, Daniel, I can hear you.” I said with a voice lacking any form of emotion.  

Memoirs Of A Searching Lagos Lady 11

Osadebe Ijeoma Searching lady

It was a cheque of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira. I was shocked. I did not even know what to feel because I did not understand why he was giving me a cheque for this amount. “What is this for?”  

What Is Your Biggest Fear?

osadebe Ijeoma Random

We are all afraid of one thing or the other. It could be the fear of failure or even success? Surprising isn’t it? But the truth is that a lot of people are scared of what they will become if they succeed. A study showed that by the pictures you select from this quiz, they …

A Life Lesson With Toothpaste

osadebe ijeoma life lessons

I saw this post on WOMAN.NG and it was an inspiring lesson for me and I thought I should share with us.  

Memoirs Of A Searching Lagos Lady 10

Osadebe Ijeoma Searching lady

I woke up the next morning with a heavy heart. It still felt like I was in a dream. How could I have been duped? After all my sharpness and even making nasty comments on social media whenever I saw a post detailing the way a lady had been duped. I always told them it …