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His Dilemma-Where Will He Go From Here?

I have always loved this lady so much. She is so beautiful and fair to look upon and sincerely, in the whole of the city, she is the only lady that have ever caught my eye. My parents and siblings also love her and we have dated for almost 6 years now. We made a decision last year that we will be getting married by the end of this year to allow us plan towards a lot of things. Everybody is waiting for our wedding. Even in church, we are like the power couple that everyone is waiting to see manifest. I know you are wondering why all these gist, it’s just that something happened recently that changed my life forever.

Mary (that’s her name) came to me one fateful Saturday evening and and said she needed us to talk. I asked her why she didn’t ping me or send a WhatsApp message and she said she needed to see me face to face for the discussion. “of course, I’m always yours”, I said, tickling her in the process but she did not smile, so I became worried.

Let me tell you a little about Mary. She is one of those ladies who get into a room and the room lights up. There’s never a dull moment with her. She senses when you are depressed and does all she can to talk you out of it till you forget you were ever depressed. Guys in my youth fellowship have always told me to my face that they were waiting for me to make a little mistake and they are marrying her the next weekend.

“What is the problem?” I asked with concern in my voice and held her cheeks so as to peer deeply into her eyes.

“I have missed my period for 2 months now”, came the unexpected reply. Still with concern in my voice, I asked, “do we need to see a doctor, is it an infection or a health related issue?.

“There’s no use, I already know what’s wrong, I’m pregnant”.

I was transfixed for a moment and then, I started laughing hysterically, “Wait! this is not April oooo, and i’m not cut out for all these your unnecessary pulling of legs that you usually do”. Believe me, she is an expert in pulling my legs. I remember the day she came to my house crying that she didn’t think she could continue with the relationship; she was really crying. I asked her why and she said I was too broke and would not be able to take care of her; I was only a carpenter. My world crashed before my face that day and I started crying. She brought out a wrapped gift and gave to me and left my house. I opened the gift and saw it was was a pair of jeans and T shirt and there was was a card inside that read “I chose you the first day, I choose you today and forever, you are my choice. I stormed out only to see her by the door, laughing. That was why I felt this was one of her pranks.

I expected her to start laughing but on this day, she stared at me intently without even flinching.

“How come, how did it happen, wait, what even happened?” came the barrage of questions from me but I was not even ready to hear the answers. I threw my hands up in the air and stood frustrated.

” I trusted you with my life, Mary. How could you do this to me, how could you even let another man touch you and you have been behaving like a saint all these while? So much for keeping ourselves till our wedding night. By the way, who is even responsible?”

“Please, listen to me, I can explain everyth….”,

Mary began to say, but I cut her there. Who wants to listen to stories of how it was the devil who led her into it?

“Oh, yes! I know you can explain how someone sneaked into your room at night and slept with you or how you were drugged. Please spare me all the gist”, I blurted out. “Joseph, I am as confused as you are in this matter” she tried to say, her words choked with tears. I looked at her with such disdain that she couldn’t say a word to me again.

“Just leave before my mum comes to see you here and start asking questions”, I told her. Without an argument, she stood up took her handbag and walked away. A church member had promised to sponsor our honeymoon in Dubai. Everything was already paid for; visas, flight tickets and hotel bookings. So I decided I would give my younger brother her own passport to send to her and leave town that night (Don’t judge me, you would have done the same). I had just driven out of the gate of our compound when I saw my pastor’s car pulling up to our gate. “I’m sure she did not have the face to go tell our pastor what happened”, I thought.

“Jo, where are you going this late at night?” he asked.

“Just stepping out”, I replied.

“Ok, let me have a moment with you before you disappear”, he said. “How do you think you can run from your responsibility? Have you not known Mary long enough to trust her? Has she not shown you enough reasons to believe in her?”

“But Pastor, she is pregnant for another man because i know it’s not mine, I have never touched her and suddenly, she is telling me she is pregnant. Who can cope with that? Am I to father someone else’s child? Will the church agree to wed us with her pregnancy?” I asked my pastor.

“Three months ago, I got a revelation that she was going to give birth under the influence of the Holy Spirit and the child she will give birth to will be called “EMMANUEL”. He will save His people from their sins. Mary has known no man since she was born and you are fortunate to be called “Father” by this child”. Let me just fast forward this story to the point where you will be interested.

We eventually got blessed in church 3 weeks after my pastor’s visit and we had to travel to my village where we had Emmanuel. He was the most beautiful thing I have ever set my eyes on (even more than His mother). The life transforming moment was when some wise men came into the house where we were and said they came to worship the king whose star they saw from afar. I was dazed as I picked up this little bundle of joy and immediately I saw it:

the king that was not born by a queen;
the lamb that never grew into a sheep;
the lion that was never a cub;
the creator that was not created;
the very essence of life;
the king that was never recognised by His people, yet He chose to give Himself for them;
God Himself humanified;
He came in the simplest of forms, to confound the wise of this world;
HE IS JESUS, The reason for the season. If you have not known Him, there is no reason celebrating this season.

Copyright Ijeoma Osadebe.

Merry Christmas people.

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