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How To Have A Smashing 2017


Let me start by saying that 1st January, 2017 was no different from 31st December, 2016 only that the former was a Sunday and the later a Saturday. They both had same 24 hours and the sun rose and set at about the same time. There was harmattan on both days (for my fellow Nigerians) and winter in other climes. So, why the fuss about that day?

Prophecies and Goals

I wrote on my Facebook wall on 31st December, 2016, “Your progress in 2017 is not dependent on the prophecies you will hear during tonight’s crossover service”. This was because I knew how my people clamored for crossover services like their lives depended on it. If someone asked you “how was crossover service?” and you said “I didn’t go”, you are seen as the biggest pagan that ever lived.

Anyway, some people confronted me for undermining prophecies; no, I was not and I will not undermining prophecies. Believe me, I have my scripture for the year that I am running with so that goes to prove that I am not against prophecies. Just one question for you. Do you still remember one of the prophecies that was given to you on the crossover night of 2015? If you can, Bravo! If you cannot, welcome to our clique. I do not remember either. So, was your 2016 dependent on something you cannot remember?

This is what prophecy and motivation does for you; it gives you fuel to run your “car”. If you have 50 liters of fuel lying in your front door and you do not have a car to put it in, the fuel is as good as a waste except you give it to someone who has a car or you go buy your car.

Goals setting

Your “car” in 2017 is your GOAL. That exactly, is what your progress in 2017 is dependent on.

Goal setting

In 1953, Yale University did a study of their graduating students. They discovered that of all of the seniors, only 3% took the steps necessary to set their goals:

  • IDENTIFIED exactly what they wanted and WROTE it down,
  • Spelled out WHY they wanted to reach the goal,
  • Listed the OBSTACLES they needed to overcome in order to reach this goal,
  • Identified the PEOPLE, ORGANIZATIONS, and GROUPS they needed to work with in order to get there,
  • Identified what they needed to KNOW or LEARN,
  • Developed a PLAN OF ACTION to reach that goal;

In 1973, the 3% who took these steps had achieved about 95% of the goals they set and the other 97% were still grappling.

Doing things differently

This year, decide to do something differently if you must achieve something different:

  • Set your goals (in the format above)
  • Find accountability partner(s) to help keep you on track
  • Put your goals in your face. Remind yourself daily of your goals and why you need to achieve them.
  • Be emotionally attached to your goals. Picture yourself living the dream life you would have when you have achieved these goals.
  • Attach your prophecies, scriptures and motivations to specific aspects of your goals.
Goals setting
Aim right

That, my friend, is how you end 2017 in a smashing way with your face full of smiles because you will have specific things to be thankful for. Remember to shoot for the moon so that if you miss, you will hit a star but if you are not shooting at anything, you will miss everything.

Goal setting
Happy new year

2017 was a great year. See you on the other side.

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