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If you are anything like me, then you are a self-proclaimed expert in reading people’s behaviors, body languages and responses. You know what it means when someone answers you with one word when you say hello; you know what it means when someone pauses before responding to your question; you can interpret that when you ask someone a question and they heave a sigh before answering you, that means that you are boring or disturbing them. These things, most times, are correct. There is a general interpretation to what people’s responses and body language could mean.

This gives you a feeling of smartness. You know that feeling like you are powerful, sensitive and intelligent. If you are still anything like me, you will start giving subtle hints to the person to make them understand that you get the hint of what is going on in their minds.

But wait a moment. Have you ever been in a situation where you said something with a facial expression that someone else takes on and starts making a totally different scenario out of it? (Married men will raise their hands at this one). I am sure it has happened to you at one time or the other. Remember how frustrating it was trying to explain to the person or how funny it was when you remembered the person’s reaction? So, we also fall into situations like that.

I know there are general rules that apply to people’s attitudes and behavior but then, most of these issues are in our heads. We judge people like they are us. Whatever reaction we give to a certain situation is the same interpretation we give to people’s reaction towards us and this could have been from accumulated experiences which have been stored off as memories in our subconscious minds.


The next time you are tempted to jump into conclusions about someone’s reaction towards you, pause, and picture the scenario as a neutral person who is just observing what is happening or better still, ask questions. Let them know the way you felt about the stated situation and explain themselves if need be.

I have this statement I developed recently, “I would rather be happy than be right about my analysis of your wrong attitude towards me”. Above all, choose happiness and do not give anyone the power to run errands in your head that you did not send them on. Life is very simple, let’s complicate it less.

Please share your own thoughts.

It all begins and ends in your mind; what you give power to has rule over you.


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Yea, you are right Ijeoma. I am presently facing a situation due to misinterpretation by a friend. This is someone I have always wanted the best for, but he now see me as an enemy. I realised that I have no business thinking for other people. There thoughts are not my responsibility, I have got enough to think about, than trying to figure out what others think of me. After all my fussing won’t stop them from thinking of me the way they would

You’re right dear. It’s a very hard decision to make but nonetheless the truth. People will always have their opinion, nothing can change that

Nyc one… looking in the mirror right nw

Nyc one… looking in the mirror right now

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