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It was 7 am on that Tuesday morning. At first, it was a Tuesday morning like every other. I had just woken up next to my lover (if I could call Him that). We have been doing this every night for the past one week. I always sneak into his room at night and we always did this with discretion (or so we thought).

It is not as though I feel any sense of guilt about what we are doing, it’s not the first time I am doing this, in fact, it’s already part of my life. I give men pleasure and they pay me for it. Every time they spend with me, they leave me smiling. I help them ease the stress and frustration they go to meet at home. I give them a sense of highness.

Back to this Tuesday morning. I was just about to stand up from his side when someone broke through the door shouting “they are here”. I jumped up and made for my clothes but they were far from me so I dragged the bed sheet and covered myself. Four other guys strolled into the room and one of them took hold of my hand and made to drag me out of the room, I resisted a little and made for my clothes again, he relaxed a little and they all watched me dress up without a word. There was nothing to hide any more; they would actually be seeing everything in a short while. I looked at “my lover” and he shrugged in a manner that said “there’s really nothing I can do”. I stepped out of the room to a little crowd outside comprising both young men and women and even children, they started chanting “she has to die, she is a whore”. It looked at something was already planned out because they took me to the place we call Mount Olives instead of the city square.

“”This woman was caught in the act of fornication and the law says that the penalty for such sin is death by stoning, so, we have come to hear from you, Teacher, what do we do with her?”

As He looked up, I realized that He was that that man, Jesus, that everyone said was from God. Ah! I am finished! He will definitely condemn me! He is a good man. I wept and threw myself to the ground. I was waiting for my sentence from this man. This good man.

“Any one of you without a sin should cast the first stone”.

His words caught me in my thoughts as I looked up into his face and the realization of what He said just hit me. Surprisingly, he just faced the ground and continued writing something on the sand. After about 5 minutes, He looked at me and said “Have your accusers all gone and none had cast a stone? Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”. For the first time in my life, a man looked at me and I could not read any iota of lust in His eyes but I saw love, genuine love, I couldn’t help falling at His feet, holding his feet and weeping.

I am sure you were not surprised when you heard of the expensive perfume I poured at his feet and how I wiped his feet with my hair. Did He not deserve more than that? A man in whose hands laid my life to do with whatever He wished. It was glaring that I deserved death; instead, He gave me a second chance at life. I discovered later, that he still died my death.

He DOES NOT and WILL NEVER condemn. He has loved you with an EVERLASTING LOVE. COME ON HOME!!!

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An excellent piece…Jesus is the best, His Mercies compares @ nufin else. I thank God for the salvation of my soul.

Wonderful perspective, excellent writing! Thanks for sharing.


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