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Memoirs of A Searching Lagos Lady 7



Now, we all knew Ogechi from our school days as someone who was a serious pessimist. If you had any idea and needed someone who will bring out all the down sides to that idea your run to person should be Ogechi. Immediately, I saw her response, I remembered and I knew I made a mistake. She continued,


Believe me, that guy does not know where Chevron is

Even if he does, I am sure he has never gone past their gates

Babe please

Stay away from him

He is a scammer

He just looks for very gullible single ladies and use them for his


At this point I was yawning. Let me just allow her rant.


Has he used the “brother in America” scope for you yet?


I had to cut in


No, he did not tell me anything about that.

By the way, if he is such a terrible person, how come you are still friends with him on facebook?


My dear, I forgot he was a friend on facebook

I just unfriended him

I cannot have such people as friends

Babe, please shine your eyes

If I were to advise you, I would ask you to stay clear of that young man

But you are a full grown adult and know what you want

Whichever way you choose to go

Just make sure you tread with caution and with your eyes wide open



Thanks babe

I appreciate


I rolled my eyes at her. I have this belief never to judge someone from another person’s eyes. Before I can draw conclusion on anyone, it has to be my own opinion about them. A lot of people have been messed up because others had one opinion or the other about them and passed it along. Before long, the person is reputed to be that way. I have been a victim, so, I know better not to judge people that way.

I saw a chat on WhatsApp and it was from Daniel.


Hi Dami. Are you home yet?


Haba. I still stay in Lagos o. I have not moved to Australia.

How can I be home when I still have traffic to battle with?




I really feel embarrassed about today

Making you pay for my bills


I smiled. This was someone that was called a scammer.


Oh no. it’s not a problem at all.

I perfectly understand about the network issues.

All these banks that know how to embarrass someone.


It has happened to me once

I went to d some shopping at Shoprite

I had loaded my cart to the full

Only for my card to be declined

Imagine the embarrassment when I had to push the cart to one side

And walk away empty handed



That is much more embarrassing


Since I have matched line already, I need to make it up to you

Have you been to Four Points by Sheraton buffet before?


Errrrrr…. No



How will your Friday be, I want to take you for the buffet?


I smiled. This time it was a very deep smile.


I will be free on Friday evening


It’s just my car issue


Won’t the car be ready before then?


No. they said it will be ready on Saturday.

The young man wants to respray the whole car.

Well, don’t worry. I will come with a cab

What time?


7pm will be fine.


That’s okay. I should leave the office by 6pm

I would be going against traffic, so, I should be able to meet up

I appreciate.


Not a problem

Do let me know when you get home


Sure. I will

Talk to you later.


Throughout the week, our conversation was sweet. We spoke about three times every day but at night, it was usually a very lengthy talk. We talked about how our day went, the issues we had, the funny part of the day, the peculiarities of staying in Lagos and by Thursday evening, it felt like I had known him for long. I could not wait for Friday to come when I would see him again. I went to bed around 11 pm on Thursday because I was searching for the most befitting dress for a buffet that can also pass for a work dress. I settled for my Ankara flair dress. It was made with lace covering the whole of my shoulder down to my elbow, enough to cover my neck down to just about where the cleavage began to show. I needed to be careful not to appear slutty but then, I had to be classy too. I brought out my blue wedge sandals which was not so high, to go with the dress. I knew I was going to slay the next day. There were no two ways about it.

Yemi Oshoafa, the young man who hit my car had called twice within the week to apologise and to also give me update concerning my car. called me on Friday and told me the car was ready and asked where I wanted the vehicle to be dropped off for me. I told him not to worry that I will pick it up myself as I was heading to the Island that evening.


“Wow. What brings you the island?”


“I am coming to meet with a friend”


“Oh okay. Why don’t we sit down somewhere and have some drinks when you are done?”


I chuckled. What was this man thinking? Since when did we become so friendly to be having drink?


“I am sorry. The meeting with the friend may linger into the night.”


“Okay. No problem. Maybe we should plan out something for some other time.”


“Until then. Thank you for the car. I appreciate how you handled everything.”


“Oh no. I should be thanking you for not raining insults on me that day. I actually did not know the brakes of the car was faulty since my driver did not tell me before travelling.”


I was really not interested in any narratives with this young man. I think my transaction with him was over with my car repairs completed.

“Sorry please. I need to get back to work now.”

“Okay. Please let me know when you have picked up the car.”


I ended the call and raised one side of my lips in such a scornful way that you do when someone is saying something you are not interested in hearing. I dragged my thoughts back to the man of the hour, Daniel Adebayo. I checked my time and it was about 3pm. I have not concentrated at work all day and I could not wait for evening to come. My intercom buzzed and I picked it up,

“Damilola, please can I see you in my office now?”

It was the General Manager who called. I went to his office to meet him.

“MD just called. He said he is coming into Lagos today and would like us to have an emergency meeting with regards with a new contract we are bidding for in Abuja. He needs us all available”>


Jesus Christ! My heart skipped a beat. What is about to happen to me?


“Sorry, GM. Please what time will he be here?”


“I don’t know. He is at the airport now. His driver has gone to pick him up. let us say he will be here by 4.”


“Why are you asking?”


“I have plans for the evening. I am just praying the meeting does not encroach into the time.”


“Pray hard. I will even join you in the prayers because I have plans too. But who are we to complain? It’s the MD.” He shrugged.


I got to my office and gave Daniel a call to tell him what’s up. I told him that if the meeting extended till 6, I will send him a message to cancel. He was really disappointed and I could hear it in his voice.

At 10 minutes to 4, MD walked into the office, tapped on my door and asked that we meet. “I have somewhere to be at 5.30 so, I need this meeting concluded before then.”

“Okay sir.”

I almost danced “alanta” at the sound of that. So my plans are still going to work out.


Meeting ended at 5.20pm and we all filed out. I will be travelling to Abuja the upper weekend to conclude on all the proceedings and get the proposal submitted. I got to my office and saw 3 missed calls from Daniel. I tried to call back, his number was not going through. I saw an sms from him.


Family emergency. We have to reschedule


What on heaven’s earth is the meaning of this?

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Lol at I almost danced alanta.

Nice read, Ij. I have to catch up on the other episodes I have missed.


Thanks for reading.

Please do read up.

I just discovered your blog today and I simply can’t get enough. Beautiful work I must commend.

Happy birthday to you

Thank you so much dear for stopping by, I appreciate

Nice read Ijeoma, didnt know you were such a story teller, Twas really engaging even to the end. Looking forward to a follow up.

Thank you for reading. There are episodes 8, 9 and 10.

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