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Memoirs of A Searching Lagos Lady 8

I left my office and called an Uber cab to take me to the mechanic’s workshop where I will pick up the car. I tried calling Daniel several times while on my way but did not reach him. I sent several texts asking him to get back to me as soon as he saw the texts. Nothing still.

I had just left the Mechanic’s place with my car when Yemi called,

“Hello Dami, how are you doing? Have you picked up the car yet?”

“Yes, I just did. About heading home.”

“Oh. How about your appointment, are you not going for it again?”

“Something came up. so, it’s not holding again”

“Hope it’s nothing serious and that you are okay?”

“Yeah, I am fine. I will sort myself out. Thanks for your concern.”

“Okay. Let me know when you get home.”

“Alright. Thank you”

Mr. Oshoafa is the last person on my mind right now. I really needed to find out what is going on with Daniel.

I waited all through the night for a call or text from Daniel but nothing. His number was not going through either. I became very worried but there was nothing else I could do. I had not known him enough to know anyone that is related to him to at least call them and ask if they have heard from him.


I checked his Facebook page to see if he tagged anyone as family but didn’t see any. I had to resign to fate. I prayed to God that he was okay and that I will hear from him by morning because there was this uneasiness that I felt and I could not explain it.


After rolling up and down on the bed, I eventually fell into a troubled sleep.


My phone rang and I picked it up,


“Is this Damilola?”

“Yes, please”

“My name is Nurse Titi, I’m calling from Holy Cross hospital. Do you know the owner of this phone?”

“Yes. His name is Daniel. He is my…….. he is my friend. Is there any problem?”

“Yes madam. He was involved in a ghastly accident along Ibadan expressway and was rushed to this hospital. We have been able to stabilize him. I went through his phone and your number was the last number he called, that is why I am calling you”.

“Oh my God. I knew something was wrong…. How is he now?… is he conscious? … where is your hospital located?”

“He is fine madam. There is just a little issue. He is in a very critical condition now and in need of blood transfusion. Can you reach any of his family members?”

“Do you need a donor?”

“Not really. Actually, our blood bank has his blood type which is very fortunate but then the blood bank will not release any blood except we make deposit. We need to reach his family so that someone can come and make the deposit for us to continue treatment. He might not last the next 2 hours if nothing is done”

“Jesus! God forbid. He will make it. how much are we talking about here?”

“We need about 600,000 to complete treatment but if we do not get a deposit of 400,000, we cannot start anything.”

“Can you send me the hospital’s account number?”

“I will do that but the problem is that before they confirm payment, I don’t know if Daniel will still be here”.

That was red alert for me already. That means the nurse wants me to pay the money to her.

“So, what are you suggesting?”

“I think you should pay it into the Doctor’s account because I doubt if you will be comfortable paying into mine so that it does not look fraudulent. Let me give the phone to the Doctor”.


“Hello Madam, are you a member of his family?”

“No, I am not but I am a very close friend and I want to pay the bills”

“Oh okay. You heard he is in a very critical condition which means that we need the deposit as soon as possible?”

“Yes, the nurse actually said I can make the payment directly into your account, that was why she gave you the phone so I can get the details from you”.

“Okay. She will send it as an sms to you as soon as we end the call. I will be waiting for the alert. As soon as I get it, I will commence treatment.”

“Thank you, Doctor. Please can you send me the direction to the hospital too, I would like to come and see him as soon as I can”.

“No problems”.


I dropped the call and heaved a sigh of relief. I checked my sms and saw the doctor’s account number and I transferred the full sum. I did not want stories that touch. I already had the premonition that something must have happened. I do not ever take my hunches lightly. I remember the day I had a dream that my mum was critically ill, that was the day she slumped in the market and there has been other instances too that has made me wary of my own premonitions. I checked my phone and saw that there two missed calls from Yemi. I hissed and thought to myself, “What kind of a bother is this guy? For now, I am very worried about Daniel now and I don’t think I am in the mood to be disturbed by this guy”, but for the sake of courtesy I called him back.

“I am so sorry for bothering you. You were on a call when I called. How are you?”

“I am fine Mr. Yemi. How are you too?”

“Please can you stop with the Mr. my name is Yemi and I would want you to call me that.”

“Alright Yemi.”

I was doing all I can to make sure that he reads it from my tone that I was not interested in the call and he was either too dumb to notice or just plainly ignoring it.

“I have not been at peace since the incidence and I doubt if I will be at peace till I make it up toy you. Can I take you out for lunch or dinner, whichever is convenient for you?”

“Sorry Yemi, a close friend of mine was involved in a fatal accident yesterday. HE (I had to stress that) is in a critical condition and needs my attention. I am not really thinking dinner or lunch now.”

“Oh. I am sorry. I guess this is wrong timing. I am sorry about your friend. Would you need any form of I help that I can offer?”

Something in me clicked on. I do not know what it was but I suddenly appreciated him. I told myself he was a nice person that I do not have to push away. I could keep his as a friend and just that. I needed to stop being cold to him. I gave him all the details from the Doctor and Nurse and even told him I had made the transfer. He paused and after a while asked if I had gotten the address of the hospital. I asked him to give me a minute to check my sms. No message. I told him that. he paused a little again.

“Can you send me the doctor’s contact?”

“It was Daniel’s phone they called with not the doctor’s or nurse’s”

“Can I get Daniel’s number?”

“Errr….. I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“Oh. Okay. Not a problem. Try reaching Daniel again and let me know if you are able to reach him. I will call later in the day or if you get the address before I call, let me know. I would not mind taking you to the place, at least for security reasons”.

“Thank you. I really appreciate.”


When the call ended, I dialed Daniel’s number and it was switched off. I tried it all evening but no success. By then I was triple worried.

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Wow… Hephzibah..

I’m s o following thus..

Great work..

I fear she’s been magalized..


She’s been magalized…

Great work, Hephzibah…

I’m so following this…

Thanks for reading, dear.

Let’s do this.

Chai, and it took till the next day before Dami realized she had been duped?

Naija! Sometimes I just wonder why on earth I was born here, but then I believe God’s reasons are better and his purpose is best. But omoh eh, left for me, whenever I am dealing with a Nigerian and money is involved, na to be extra cautious o.

Naija eh….too many crooks

Who told you she was duped? Lol.

Sharp head don dey worry naija persons.

oh my gosh, I’ve been hooked up to this articles since yesterday. Good work I must confess. Can’t wait for the next episodes…

Bookmarking this blog right away..

Thank you for reading. Next episode on Monday. Mark your calendar.

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