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Memoirs of A Searching Lagos Lady 9


Yemi called again around 9pm and by then, I was visibly worried. Daniel’s number had not gone through all day and I did not know how to call Yemi and tell him that. at this point, I was having mixed feelings of both worry and disappointment. Worry because I was really worried about what could have possibly gone wrong and disappointed because if something has happened to Daniel, that means that I have lost a very qualified prospect. Then, the question popped in my head, “What about Daniel do I know that has made me conclude he was a prospect?” I did a random check of my expected qualities which he had checked about 80% of and wondered if that was all I needed to conclude on a guy? I felt a little ashamed of myself.


When Yemi’s call came in, I was a little apprehensive because I did not know what he would think of me if he got to find out that I paid 650, 000 Naira for someone I had just met in under one week. Don’t get me wrong. I am not usually like this. I just don’t know what has been happening to me these days. I really need to settle down and considering the way I have ‘yabbed’ my friends who brought guys who were not very good looking or talked polish or well to do, I have no option but to produce someone above their level or something on the same level, at least. So, whenever I see someone that looks like that, I try myself to keep them. If not for anything, so I can show my friends.


I picked the call

“Hello Dami, I tried calling you earlier, you did not pick.”

“Sorry. I fell asleep. I did not sleep well last night. It’s not been long I woke up.”

“Oh. Sorry about that. hope you are more refreshed now?”


There was a long pause. I knew he wanted me to say something with regards to where our discussion stopped earlier in the day but I really wished we did not continue. I was too ashamed to tell the story and I knew he would want to know. After about thirty seconds,

“So, did you hear from either Daniel or the Doctor?”

“No. Not yet. Daniel’s number is still not going through and there is no other way to reach him.”

“Don’t you know any of his friends or family that you can reach out to. Maybe they would be able to tell you something?”


“No, what?”

There was another pause.

“Looks like I am making you uncomfortable with this discussion. Let me leave it at where it is now. If you ever feel like discussing it, I would be happy to listen. Meanwhile, let me know in any way I can help in finding your friend. Is it okay if I call once in a while to find out how you are doing?”

“No problem at all. I would be happy to have you as a friend. You seem like a nice person and I really appreciate all the love and the care you have shown me since I met you. I really appreciate.”

“Not a bother at all. I admire your humility and the warmth you exude. I am the one who has the pleasure of being friends with you. By the way, I hope you do not mind my chatting you on WhatsApp? I promise not to be a headache. I will only chat you when it is extremely necessary”.

I chuckled. I was enjoying his conversation and WhatsApp will be another way to talk more often. There was no reason for me to say no.

“I would appreciate that”.

“Thank you and take care of yourself. don’t worry too much. Whatever happens, your friend will be alright and he will come back to you”.

I had to smile at this point. This proved to me that his interest was not to snatch me away from ‘my friend’. He just wanted to be a friend. That made me a little more comfortable with him.

“Okay. Thanks a lot. I will chat you on WhatsApp”.


When we ended the call, I had to give him the full story on WhatsApp. I told him I just met in church Daniel on Sunday and we had been quite close in that one week. He was the one I was supposed to meet with on Friday before he had to rush home for a family emergency. He was very attentive. He waited for me to finish my story only interrupting with “okay” to show he was with me. when I was done, he told me I must be a saint and an angel in disguise to care this much about someone who I had known for only one week to even deposit such amount of money for someone like that. He told me admired my beautiful spirit and then he asked me if it had crossed my mind that I could have been duped. It was a kick in the groin for me. I never considered that. I had just been worried about his wellbeing that I did not consider any foul play. I had always believed that it was only greedy people that got duped; people who wanted to make fast money that they had not worked for. Immediately, I remembered what Ogechi Umeora told me about him and I opened Facebook and could not find him on my Facebook friend list. He had taken some pictures within the week and tagged me in them so, I decided to go through my wall and check for the pictures but I could not find any. I searched for him but I could not find him.


I chatted Ogechi on Facebook and asked her to help me check if she could still see him on Facebook, she came back to me and said yes, that they were still friends. That was where my anger started. I could not have believed I could be that gullible to be duped. I was furious. I got back to WhatsApp and saw that Yemi was asking if I was still there. I explained to him that he had blocked me on Facebook and I told him about Ogechi and he said I should ask Ogechi to chat him up. I told Ogechi to chat him up and tell me when he responds. She agreed and asked what was up. I told her I would gist her later. I did not want her making fun of me after she warned me about him so, there was no way I was telling her the story. I trust her, if I told her that story, half of the ladies in my class in the university will hear about it. I just have to keep posting her till we are able to achieve what we want.


Yemi asked that I give him his name so that he will add him up on Facebook too. I did. I doubt if he will accept the friendship if he finds out I was a mutual friend. He would not be that dumb.


I felt very depressed by the conversation and realizing what had happened to me. I just flushed 650. 000 down the drain, just like that. it was so annoying that I had to beg Yemi to please let me go to bed. He asked if I would be going to church the next day and I told him I didn’t think I was up to it. he convinced me saying he wanted to come to my church and that he would take me out after service to help me feel better after the experience. I agreed and gave him direction to my church.


I tried to sleep but could not sleep till I took a pill of Valium. I sent a text to my HOD and begged him to please place someone else at the door for Sunday Service as I was not feeling too well. I set my alarm and laid down and in a matter of seconds, I was fast asleep.

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