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So it’s a Sunday morning and I’m seated in church, jejely worshipping God o, and something in me said “take a good look at the worship leader”, I opened my eyes and looked at him and he was really doing a beautiful worship song “MORE OF YOU” by Sinach with his eyes closed and his hand lifted. He is tall and a little dark (in the way I like it). I had never taken note of him before. You know how your eyes open to start noticing things you never noticed before all because you started having interested. Like how you notice that Toyota Camry may be the most driven car in Lagos just because you are interested in getting one. Am I alone on this?

And typical of this mind of mine, she started asking “can you make my life beautiful?” I started binding it and casting it, “be spiritual for once, Damilola”. Pastor mounted pulpit and I was busy stealing glances at worship leader and scheming my “attack” mechanism. The “bro” sitting next to me was busy trying to start up conversation and engage me a little but I was too busy trying not to get distracted. You know divided attention can make you not land at your targeted target *winks*. You have to be wise.

Fast forward to end of service.

“Hi, are you brother to Bola Fadahunsi?”

With a charming smile, “No. I don’t. I’m not even Yoruba”.

“Oh Oh! You look a lot like her. She was my roommate in University Of Lagos. Please pardon me”.

“No problems at all. You are?”

“Damilola. You?”

“Sunday Idachaba. It’s a pleasure meeting you”.

“Hey honey. Please help me get the Tanko from the Children’s department. I need to sort out some issues with my departmental head”

That was his wife!!! It’s not like I did not do my basic check. There was absolutely no ring on his finger. (At this juncture, please can I get any senator who I will beg to propose a bill to mandate every married man in Nigeria to always put on their rings? This could lead to people jumping into the Lagoon out of dashed hopes). Immediately, I made a right about turn and disappeared into the crowd. I just hope he does not recognize my face ever again. I stepped out actually looking out for “bro” that was trying to chat me up earlier whether he will automatically become my type. Bro haff waka his own jare.

So here is another experience gone. Still don’t look close to catching Mr. Right? The search continues though. No losing faith.

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Idachaba I am whining my ear for you oooo. Nice piece

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