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So ADVANCED GLOBAL LOGISTICS sent me over to Port Harcourt to meet with a new client who needed to get a new product into the market. As the second most senior PR Executive, the job was assigned to me. I left Lagos on a Monday on the 7:45am flight. While we were checking in, I sighted a good looking young man. I could tell from his suit that it should range between 50,000 Naira to 70,000 Naira (Yeah, I have eyes for such things), at least that shows he is not a “hungry-man”.

I prayed he was on my flight and Oh Yes! He was! The next prayer was to have him seated next to me on the plane. As we were boarding, I intentionally stayed behind to see what his seat number will be. Alas! He was on 14D whereas I was on 16E. I just swallowed my disappointment and moved to my seat. On getting there, I stopped by the aisle, and a little smile played on my lips. The cushion on my seat was torn! I just called the attention of one of the hostesses and said “there’s no way in God’s earth I’m seating on that seat”. The closest available seat to us was 14E. In my mind, I just went down, put my right hand forward, and came up slowly (doing a little shoki dance). I sat next to him and said “Hi”. No response. This is what we call “elaa”.


After the plane took off,

“I’ll never get over my fear of take-off, no matter how many times I fly”.


Okay let me try one more time.

“Are you flying to Port Harcourt?” In my mind, I answered me, “No, I’m going to jump off the plane along the way”.

Silence. Still.

I had to advise my old age. It’s either this guy is deaf and dumb or he is the biggest snub the world has produced. What is he even feeling like? It’s not like he’s so fine sef. (Dami girl, you’re beefing). Anyway, when one door closes, a window opens. I just picked up my novel and started reading.

My first meeting was for 1 pm so we could allow time for lunch. My flight landed Port Harcourt Airport 8:50 am, so I thought I should hang around in a fast food around their office while I put finishing touches to my presentation. I was busy working on my iPad when someone placed a tray in front of me,

“Can I join you?”

I looked up and here was “Mr. mute” from the plane. I just looked at him, shook my head and looked back at my iPad”.

“Sorry about the flight conversation, I am usually not that rude”.

I continue typing away.

“At least, you could take the high road and make me look like a fool by acting more mature than me”.

I smiled.

“My name is Damilola Coker, and you are?” I responded without even looking up.

“Could this be Damilola Coker of Advanced Global Logistics?”

“Hmmmm. Should I call you a detective now?”

“Oh my God! I cannot believe that I was busy snubbing the very person I was sent to Port Harcourt to meet”.

“English please”. I raised my head and looked at him with a feigned keen interest.

“Okay. My name is Gbolahan Oladiran. I work with the Lagos branch of ELDAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY. My department is in charge of Research and Development on this new product. I was told by my supervisor that once I get to Port Harcourt, I should locate you because I will be the one to explain the basics of the product to you and help you in building the best idea for advertising the product.”

He puts out his hand for a handshake and I immediately lost interest. In my eyes, he became the junior staff and I became the senior staff. O ti! I am not dating a junior staff. No way!

I see you rolling your eyes. That is your “consign” (in my Yoruba accent). Is it your “single”? Leave me to make my choose the way it suits me. Tenkiu for the advice you are already planning to dish out.

On to the next one.

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Lol. What if it turns out that junior staff is way richer than you are?

Ermmm…… People will laugh at her for dating a junior staff

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