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Yes, you can say that again, I AM IN LOVE!!! After 8 years and you think I shouldn’t paste it on my forehead?? Pleeeeeeease(duuuuuhhhhh). Hey, it’s not like I’ve not had me some young men bothering me(of course, I have. ain’t I hot? Wink), it’s just that it was hard finding the one to fit my mould and believe me, that mould was custom made. This even brings me to this point people try to make that the older a lady gets, the lesser she is to go on selecting men. Like seriously???? Ok, maybe I didn’t get to that stage because as for me, the older I got, the higher my position in the office, the tighter my criteria became. I just couldn’t fall hands naaaa. Well, that’s a story for another day. So, he came. Not as though he fit the mould perfectly, but I only needed fewer adjustments here and there. He had the things that made me overlook some other things; he was fiiiiiiine(this said in a black American woman’s voice), he works with one of the top Oil & Gas firms in Nigeria(name withheld before someone will decode who I am), he was active in church shaaa. So we met in church. I was (still am) in the choir and you know how we can give God total worship while placing ourselves in the face of anyone who cares to see us every sunday (ok, I didn’t say that). Should I share how we met? No, let me leave it for another story. But we shaa met in church and kicked off full courtship. In 7 months, we were headed to the altar.
Ok, I ran so fast to the conclusion of the story so, let me retrace my steps a little backward. Our courtship days were heaven on earth. He was everything I’ve ever fantasised about (I still believed in my prince charming coming to give me, sleeping beauty, a kiss to wake me from my spell of singlehood), he was loving caring, romantic (in a godly way ooo before una go carry me. Lol), he went to church anytime he was free (that could be taken to be God-fearing). We checked ourselves out for 2 months and decided it was time to take the next step, what’s there to wait for? We were adults and knew what we wanted. I took him to meet my pastor(yes, I was pastor’s girl) and was surprised that Pastor didn’t know him so I thought, “our church is pretty big”.
“Dami, let me have a word with you alone”, Pastor Toks said while we were leaving his office so I stayed back to speak with him.
“Have you prayed concerning this?” He asked.
“Yes, I’ve been praying since we met”, I said with a little frown. Nobody, not even my dear Pastor Toks, was going to pour sand sand inside this my ijebu garri.
“And you’re sure this is God?”
“He hasn’t said otherwise”
“Ok, I’m just checking on you and making sure you are not doing this out of any form of pressure” he said on a final note and stood to pat my back like he always does.
I stepped out of his office and tried my best not to show my worries concerning what Pastor Toks said and my darling Oladimeji didn’t also notice. He just asked “any problems?”, I said “No, he just wants to know when we’ll be chanced to join them for Lunch, so I said I’ll ask you”. It’s not like I usually lie oooo, it’s just me protecting my territory.

To be continued tomorrow.

Sincerely Me, Ijeoma.
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L̃̾Õ☺Õ̾Ô=D:D=));)ÕÔ☺ÔÕ̾L̃̾!! Ijeoma oooooo. Choir member giving God total worship

*lips sealed* Did I say that? LOL

Ijeoma why did you have to bring our private matter to full glare of the public, I expect better. So that was what Pastor said that u were hidding from me abi? I should have known. Am not going for any lunch with any pastor. You hear me!!!

Dimeji Honey, I’m sorry. Some people just needed to hear our story.

Nice story IJ,looking forward to d concluding part!@dimeji,I tnk some pple need to hear dis story so don’t Вε offended jor LOL.

Different shades of Dami. She’s seriously searching for love.

Desperate times call for desperate actions. Lol. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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