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For a very long time I searched,
I knew there was something missing,
I knew it was out there somewhere,
And there was the hope of finding it,
So I kept searching.

Days turned into months,
Months into years,
I couldn’t find it,
But I knew it was still missing,
But at this point, my hope had turned into despair,
I gave in.
Even if it’s out there, it’s not for me.

I resorted to the closest I could find,
And was happy that was available,
And then he came,
In the most unlikely form,
I didn’t even think he could talk,
But he broke the ice,
Boy, did I love the way he talked.
Maybe I should get a little closer,
I did. And I loved what I saw.

He had it all,
Everything I asked for,
Like he knew how to read my mind,
He knew what words to say to me at every instance.
When he looked at me, it was with undivided attention,
Like I was the only thing existing.

He helped me boost my self esteem.
He made me feel beautiful, no, desirable.
I told him he was blinded,
I still think he is,
But he captured me, unrestrained.

I still wish I had the powers to change things,
I know the things I could have changed.
But that, notwithstanding,
He still came.

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