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Love As I See It

Osadebe Ijeoma Love

I look back and I wonder Even in the midst of my ponder Where you have been all my life Or if you came just to spy   I remember the days I felt all alone Wishing there was one to call my own My pillow bore the brunt of my tears Who else could …

Memoirs of A Searching Lagos Lady 9

Osadebe Ijeoma Searching lady

  Yemi called again around 9pm and by then, I was visibly worried. Daniel’s number had not gone through all day and I did not know how to call Yemi and tell him that. at this point, I was having mixed feelings of both worry and disappointment. Worry because I was really worried about what …


Osadebe Ijeoma Future Husband

Dear future hubby, I just can’t seem to get you off my mind. The harder I try, the harder I fail. I turn to the left on my bed and I see your face, I turn right and I still feel you behind me. I know it isn’t normal and I can’t even say it …