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I go around and I listen to happenings and I see an anomaly that is very saddening.it breaks my heart to see them happen and I think this should be addressed. You know when the bible said that servants were riding on horses while Princes were walking on foot? This can be likened to it.

Yes! I am talking about some of the things that single ladies dare to do. Join me as we explore some of these things.

  1. BE HAPPY:

Excuse me! who gave you the permission to be happy? Do you not feel any remorse whatsoever? Did I see a picture you posted on Facebook talking about self-love? The only things you should post on Facebook are prayer points or to share posts where you are asked to share and type Amen. Do you not know that a man is the glory of a woman? You should always bow your head in shame because you have no glory.



God have mercy on your soul. How na? you want to know too much and intimidate a man who wants to marry you? It is okay that you already went to the University and a graduate but you need to cover up how much you know. Why do you even have the mind to argue politics and football with men in the public place and on social media? What message are you trying to pass? Do you not know that this portrays you as an unsubmissive woman? Be wise!



For what? Are there no men in your place of work? Even when you are offered promotion, you should decline and suggest it be given to your married colleague or a man in your office. It shows you are a humble person and a wife material and will draw responsible men to you. Do you want the promotion to get into your head? It could even be curse for you by tying you down and not allowing you access to men. How many single senior managers in a bank do you see getting married? Give yourself brain!

  1. OWN A CAR.

Okay. Here I laugh in Swahili. You are sure too bold. SO you want to give men the impression that you have arrived and do not need a man in your life? Wait! First of all, how will the men meet you? He will now knock on your window to tell you to wind down before he can toast you? He will definitely feel emasculated and I am sure you do not want to make a man feel that way. You never know where you will meet your husband, it could be on a danfo. God works in mysterious ways, you know.


So you finally want to have the opportunity to invite every Emeka, Kunle and Audu into your house? No responsible man who hears you are staying alone will take you as a responsible woman. He will think you have slept with all the men in your community and that is not a good impression to give. It is better to stay with your parents till a man comes to take you away. If you live apart from your family (which should not be), make sure you stay with another family, probably in your church, so they will be a cover and always monitor and check you.


Somebody in your village is using you picture to do hand fan but you do not know! The man that wants to ask you to marry him is still struggling to pay house rent and you want to own a land? Whose name will the land carry sef, Your name? Don’t you think that’s a taboo? Where have you heard that a single woman has a land in her name? this modernization will not kill you people.


I know you have arrived and you want to show a man that you are very independent. But think of it this way, how many independent women are you seeing who are married? Even if you have millions in your account, always tell a man that you do not have money or he will be scared of you or on the other hand, the only men that will come your way will be people that want to chop you and run away.


Do you have any idea of something a single lady should never be caught doing? Please share with us in the comment section..

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Comments (16)

hmmmm….single ladies una hear

Please let me know any geh that adheres to these rules.

Why do you want to know?

Nice one Ijeoma especially on the knowledge part.

O, my goodness! Are you serious? How many single ladies wanna do that? I pray they take this in your light.

O boy! Nice write shaaa!

How people do not understand sarcasm is beyond me. Well done girl!

Lol. I am sure everyone gets the sarcasm

Single ladies shouldn’t aspire to political positions. They should stay in the kitchen while others make efforts to be governors, senators, etc. Who will now cook if they occupy such positions fa. Hehehehe ..

Abi oooo. You got it right. Lol

I came back the other day and my neighbour asked if I cooked. That was the most ungirlie sentence I have ever heard. I explained to her how sacrilegious and unaccepted she had become. I let her go with the promise she wrote me 12 apology letters. Women should NEVER ask a guy to cook

“Somebody in your village is using you picture to do hand fan but you do not know! The man that wants to ask you to marry him is still struggling to pay house rent and you want to own a land? Whose name will the land carry sef, Your name? Don’t you think that’s a taboo?……”

Beautiful article. The comment above had me in stitches. Good job Ijay


Thank you, dear. You actually inspired this.

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