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Did I tell you i was tired?
Oh, I didn’t? Bear with me,
It must have skipped my mind.

Well, I’m tired of being the person you want me to be
I’m tired off struggling to fit into the square hole you have structured for my round life
I’m tired of depriving myself of a lot of joys just so you will commend me (and do I ever get that?)
I’m tired of swallowing my opinions just because it may never fit into yours
I’m tired of being your shadow
I’m tired of beating myself up because you felt i was good for nothing when i made that mistake
I’m tired of seeing the hidden joy in your eyes everytime i make a mistake because it makes your thought about me more valid (did you not say nothing good will come from me?)
I’m tired of cowering in your presence so that i will not offend you
I’m tired of hiding the potentials that God had given me (and they are very unique) just because they might not sound too good to you
I’m tired of hiding people that i love and cherish just because you may not approve of them
I’m tired of trying to be you
I’m tired of not taking risks that will take me closer to destiny just because you may think me foolish
I’m tired of walking away from opportunities just because they may not appeal to you
I’m tired of living like this.

I have decided to stand up tall
I have decided to rise from the darkness
I have decided to crawl up from the shadows
I have decided to keep my head up.

Will i make mistakes? Yes, but at least i will learn.
Will i be afraid? Yes, but i will become more courageous
Will i step on toes? Yes, but i will be me
Will i be hurt? Yes, but i will be growing

It’s time to live my life like it is owned by God,
To do what He expects of me and to love myself like He would want me to.

I know i will need your input from time to time but it is left for me to decide to take out our not, however, it will be much appreciated.

Thank you for dragging me thus far but i know it is time to grow.

This is dedicated to every people pleaser out there. It’s time to take the bold step and take responsibility of your life.

Just a piece of my mind.

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I am tired of being tired. hehehehe.

It is time to stand up TALL! Beautiful.

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