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What The Wind Brings Forth


Wind extinguishes candle but energizes fire.

Smith was retrenched from his job and after he collected his letter, he brought out his diary and looked at his budget for the month. School had just resumed and he had his three children’s school fees to pay. His father-in-law was ill and staying in the hospital in Lagos that meant he was responsible for the bills and taking care of him. His wife had a small provision store in front of their compound that was making just enough profit to buy some foodstuff and pay the shop bills. He was the first son in his family and that meant the responsibilities of the home were on his shoulders. While he was thinking of all these, he looked out the window of his high rise office building and before he could give it a second thought, he made for the window.

Tola had just collected his own sack letter. He sat for a while in front of his computer for the last time and he remembered that he did not really enjoy the job; he had been tagging along all the while because he had bills to pay. He had always wanted to set up a business of his own but the fears of not having a steady income had kept him stalling. He remembered he had bills to pay and he had responsibilities to cater for but then he said to himself, “man no die, man no rotten, life go dey go”. He knew within him that whatever happens, he will always find a way.

Ever noticed that it is the element that extinguishes a candlelight that energizes a wildfire? Did you notice that both situation were presented with the same factor? Have you wondered why one is fueled while the other is extinguished?

A popular preacher once said that when life squeezes you, we get to know what is on the inside of you.

You need to build yourself to be energized by adverse situations. You need to learn to pull from the strength within you. This is called being ANTIFRAGILE. It means that what breaks others actually build and make you. What destroys others gives you an advantage.

How much do you want out of life?

How far are you willing to go for that which you believe?

How much are you willing to stand to achieve what you want from life?

The answers to these questions are the determinants of whether the wind will extinguish your fire or energize it.

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