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“Girl, you need to position yourself strategically. You need to place yourself in the eyes of good men out there. You know Ruth went to lay at the feet of Boaz”.

I attend a church where there are a lot of promising young men and when I say “promising” I mean it in every aspect, spiritually, physique-ally, face-ally, money-ally, all-in-one package. So, I decided to package myself and place myself at a very strategic point and lay at the feet of Boaz.

My first encounter was at a Bible Study meeting, I walked into church and as I looked on, I saw this wonderfully looking dude with an empty seat by his right. So, I walked up to Mr. and sat next to him. I said “good evening” with a smile on my face. When Pastor mounted the pulpit and quoted a scripture, I asked him “where did he say?” (I did this like 4 times, in case, he’s looking for an avenue to open up a conversation). When Pastor said, “look at your neighbour and tell him “you are next in line”, I did this with an impressive wide smile plastered on my face. At the end of service, my dear, “ko joo”. I nursed my pain and moved on.

Second encounter: Foundation class. I saw this promising young man (you know the way you look at guys that wear glasses; they must be very serious minded young men), so I went to sit next to him, all smiles, chipping in little conversations here and there. About 10 mins into the class, a beautifully pretty young lady walks in and sits behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder, he turned and said, “sweetheart, what kept you?” Of course, I immediately tuned off every other thing they were saying and ensured my full attention was focused on our teacher while I nursed my hurt. As if that wasn’t enough, while we walked out of church, I heard her telling him, “premarital classes on Saturday, are you coming to pick me or should I come on my own?”. I died the second time. Where is my Boaz?

So, I decided to join choir. In this our choir, I try my best to make sure I am in the praise team at least, 2 times in a month so I will be more frequent in the eyes of church members, in case Boaz is sitting in church (or maybe lying down in church waiting for me to come and lie at his feet). For over 6 months now that I have been in choir, I have not seen Boaz (I have only been seeing people that look like him, maybe his colleagues but definitely not him).

I just want to ask this question, most especially, to single ladies out there: What does it mean to strategically position yourself? Am I missing something? Is there any other tactics for doing this? Kindly help a sister in distress and God will bountifully bless you.

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By positioning yourself… Be faithful with what you have to do (your gift and talent)… D same Bible says :SURELY, GOODNESS AND MERCY SHALL FOLLOW YOU… They shall FOLLOW you… Be sure u are positioned divinely (where u ought to be per time) and for sure BOAZ will locate and FOLLOW you… I hope ds comment is helpful… Beautiful write-up by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

Mama Adeeeeey! This is really coming from a Maaama. Thanks a lot for the advice and encouragement.

Hahahahhaha….Ijeoma you won’t keee person with this very funny write-up. Well I believe that the blessings of God come in the place of service. Keep busy with the things of God out of love for God not for Boaz to find you. These things happen when we are not looking. Ruth wasn’t looking for a husband, she had something else in mind. God will fix it when your Spirit is still. When you are strategising and positioning, your spirit is likely to be noisy (worried, anxious, struggling, apprehensive) but when you let the peace of God in, you’d be amazed…Boaz will not only notice you, he will do all he can to ensure he wins you over.

Operate from a position of rest. That’s the life we are called to live.

Abeeeeee! This is deliverance for someone. Thanks for this piece.

Funny yet very real! Only the Holy Spirit can direct ur Boaz to you!

Question is how many had to lay at the foot of one Boaz to get married. Meanwhile if you follow the story very carefully you will observe it was not about Boaz. It was about a lady that believed in God and followed his leading.

What you mostly missing is the Spiritual realities in that story. You saw a tactics n you took but left the one behind it. Get the one behind the strategy n he will sure give your own after all The Bible said every man in his own order. Jesus said the flesh profits nothing.

By the knows if you are among the Eunuch made in heaven?

God Bless you.

Yes! Positioning urself is the right thing to do bt what’s the motive, Once is all about boaz and not service to God, my dear *U go tey 4 there oo*. D bible say seek yeah 1st the kingdom, so its Seeking God nd saying Father am diligently doing your work let me be located by *my* boaz… I tell U things would just fall in place.

Nice piece Ijeoma….

True Salvatn comes first $ a personal relatnshp wiv God. A Lady should learn 2 positn herself rightly…She should activate her God-Given talent $ understand d purpose 4 its usage…Excellence in appearance $ grooming also matters, โ‚ชเน sensible man wants a lady who’s not presentable 4 a wife.There should b comportment concernin all spheres of life $ a lady should b knowledgeable…Know sth about everyfin $ know everyfin about a particular fin e.g ur career….

Beautiful, and u have gotten wonderful replies. He dat findeth a wife, alwaiz remember not she dat lieth besides a man. Ruth’s case is not ur case. If u shud work at bin anytin, is bin a Prov. 31 woman and I promise u,men will come but then a man of valour, dat will treat u like a queen, honour n respect u, luv u as Christ luvs d church, will come and ur story will be better than dat of Ruth

Hmmmm….am already married to my own BOAZ. Lol.
No matter how the lady positions herself…the man has a huge part to play by recognizing that d lady is his bone and flesh. ‘He that finds a wife….’
The lady should get busy fulfilling purpose…not for what she will gain but for lives she will bless and she will led to the path where BOAZ will find her.

Thanks ma’am. Great advice.

My dear, positioning urself is gud cz u must be seen to be shown favour. Just like Esther. But r u in d choir cz u want to use ur talent n gift to d glory of God or for Boaz? Even d bible said we shld seek d kingdom 1st n every oda tin will be added unto us includn Boaz. So my dear, put up a gud smile cz u r wonderfully n fearfully made, serve God with all ur heart, comitting ur way to Him, trusting Him n surely Boaz will cum crawling cz none shall lack her mate.

Hmmnnn! Boaz in the church. May God have mercy. Positioning yourself strategically is definitely thru the grace of GOD. As humans, you cant do that correctly without GODS help. Pray for GODS guidance.

I really appreciate the way you interpreted the story and personalized it,i am impressed.On positioning yourself for your ”Boaz” i will not ask you to be Ruth but to be Prov.31:10-12 apply Matt 6:33 while you focus on Heb 12:2 with attitude of James 5:16b.The ones (brothers) who is graciously lucky,who has eyes washed by the spirit of God to see will be your Isaac and you will be his Rebecca.Keep it up.

Ij Babe,

As always, I’m very proud you.

Beautiful piece! And wonderful replies.

The state of ur heart (ur intentions) is very important. Maintain a *perfect heart* in all you do & you’ll be bountifully blessed.

I love you Ij

I love you too ma’am. Thanks a lot for the advice.

Dear little sister:

You’ve had so many wonderful comments here – many of them were going to be mine! One thing I would add to them is this:

A woman desperate for a man is in danger of becoming the prey of a fiend. When we are anxious to be married, we are willing to overlook many signs that “our” man has some serious problems. Believe me when I tell you that when choosing a life-mate we are wise to go slowly, and pray for the Lord’s direction. “Until death” is a very long time to be married to an abuser or womanizer. You will avoid much pain if You ask Jesus to give you eyes to see.

In the meantime, fulfill your calling, seek first His Kingdom, and trust that when the time is right, you’ll be “working in the right field,” which is “owned by the right man.” Let Jesus show you that He is all you need. Then when you marry, it won’t be from a place of “needing” the guy, but wanting him to be your husband. There is a world of difference between the two!

God bless you richly as You learn to press in to Him while you wait!

Love in Christ,
Praising Jesus who is my All in All

Thanks for following Lessons by Heart, too!

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